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Guide to Library Services at Naas General Hospital: Point of Care Tools

This is a short guide on how to make the most of accessing both print and electronic services from the Naas General Hospital Library

What are Point of Care Tools?

Point of care tools are those research and reference resources that a clinician can use immediately at the point-of-care with a patient. They are searchable summaries of evidence that clinicians can access quickly and easily to help them make evidence-informed decisions when they need them. They are updated regularly and synthesise all the best and latest evidence on clinical topics to aid with diagnosis and treatment. They can help to save clinicians time and effort by eliminating the need to do rigorous research before making a patient care decision.


UpToDate is a point of care tool provided by Wolters Kluwer Health. It is an evidence-based, doctor-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right decisions at the actual point-of-care. This tool is available with no need for a log in from any of the computers within the Naas General Hospital network. 




Please click here to access this useful point-of-care tool.

To access the tool from home, you also need to have had a personal account set up from any of the computers within the Naas General Hospital network. If accessing from home, sign in using your personal account, not your OpenAthens account.

The app may also be downloaded from your app store. Please note that you need to register for an UpToDate account from any of the computers within the Naas General Hospital network. You can then download the app and sign in and you should have access. Please note that you need to sign in to the desktop version of UpToDate periodically (every 40 days) in order to keep using the app.


First Consult

First Consult is a point of care tool found within Elsevier's Clinical Key medical search engine and database tool. First Consult is an authoritative evidence-based and continuously updated clinical information resource for healthcare professionals. 


To access this tool go to the Clinical Key website, select "First Consult" from the drop-down menu, then perform your search. 

If accessing this tool from home, log in with your OpenAthens credentials. Ask the librarian for help if needed.

This tool is also available as an app. First of all, you need to register to set up your personal account. Go to and register on the top right hand side. You will be sent a confirmation email with an activation link to click on. Now, simply download the app and log in with your username and password to access all of its content.


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