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Bereavement and grief: Childhood and adolescent bereavement

Resources and information on bereavement and grief for the public and healthcare professionals.

Understanding children's grief

Children and adolescents grieve in their own way after a death, and their reaction will depend on the circumstances of their loss. A child's way of grieving can be quite different to an adult's.

Children's grief often comes in waves; children tend to dip in and out of grief rather than have prolonged periods of grief. As with adults, there is no 'right' way to grieve, and most children find a way to cope with loss.

Books about adolescent grief

The Irish Childhood Bereavement Care Pyramid

 The Irish Childhood Bereavement Care Pyramid was developed by the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network as a guide for professionals and concerned adults in identifying and responding to the needs of children and young people who have experienced loss. 

The pyramid is supported by a document which includes more detail on each of the components of the pyramid, which can be found here. A printable verision of the pyramid is available here.

Booklets and other resources on childhood and adolescent bereavement

Websites about childhood and adolescent grief

Books about children's bereavement

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