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Bereavement and grief: Home

Resources and information on bereavement and grief for the public and healthcare professionals.

Bereavement and Grief Resource Guide

The Therese Brady Library, Irish Hospice Foundation 
Bereavement is the death or loss of someone close to us. Grief is the process of how bereavement and loss affect us. There are many different types of loss: loss of health, of employment, marital breakdown, divorce and death.  How we react to loss will be different for everyone. For most people there is a period of of intense, fluctuating reactions that ease over time. Other people can experience intense reactions to their grief that are prolonged.

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Grieving in Exceptional Times

Bereavement and Grief Resources and Support

The IHF National Bereavement Forum will be hosted on 10th June 2021.

National Bereavement Forum 2021

This is the 5th National Bereavement Forum (NBF) hosted by the Irish Hospice Foundation, the first of which was held in Dublin in 2016.  

This event is for organisations or individuals who provide direct support to people who are bereaved and for those who support bereaved people in their day-to-day work, for example GP’s, nurses, social workers, bereavement volunteers, therapists, chaplains, psychologists, frontline staff in information services, psychiatrists etc. 

Please book your FREE ticket through Eventbrite:

National Bereavement Forum 2021

The NBF is for organisations and individuals who provide direct bereavement support or support bereaved people in their day to day work.




COVID-19 CARE AND INFORM - Irish Hospice Foundation


As Ireland’s only national charity dedicated to death, dying and bereavement, the Irish Hospice Foundation has  developed our ‘Care & Inform’ Info Hub to respond to the COVID-19 emergency in an informative and compassionate way. All of our information is in line with current HSE and Government guidance.

The Care & Inform Hub includes a range of information resources and videos focusing on the themes of Grief, Funerals in Exceptional Times, Planning Ahead and a suite of resources for Healthcare Professionals to support and guide all who need it during this time. It is updated continually.


Grieving in Exceptional Times

Helping Children Grieve During COVID-19 Restrictions

Latest Research & Information

Planning Ahead

Resources for Healthcare Workers

Planning a Funeral in Exceptional Times

Support & Advice on Grief & Loss


If you have questions or worries about Covid-19 listen to the advice of the professionals as offered through the HSE.

You might find it useful to look at bereavement websites or resources or videos. Some useful websites and resources include:
What’s Your Grief
HSE minding your mental health
Talking to children about Corona virus
Advice on talking to children about the corona virus from the Department of Education and Skills
Irish Childhood Bereavement Network



Recent Articles & Commentary

Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder Symptoms Predict Grief Interview Emotions - OMEGA Journal of Death and Dying
Death and dying during the pandemic BMJ 2020 


Grief During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Considerations for Palliative Care Providers J Pain Symptom Manage. 2020


Bereaved mothers' and fathers' prolonged grief and psychological health 1 to 5 years after loss—A nationwide study

Cancer‐bereaved mothers and fathers are vulnerable to prolonged grief and psychological symptoms up to 5 years after the death of their child. Findings highlight that bereaved parents may need long‐term support, and the results deserve further attention in research and clinical care. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved). Read more 


Experiences of support from primary care and perceived needs of parents bereaved by suicide: a qualitative study

People bereaved by suicide are a vulnerable group, also at risk of dying by suicide. The importance of postvention support (intervention after suicide) has recently been highlighted; however, little is known about the support needs of parents bereaved by suicide in the UK, and the role played by general practice. Read more 



CSO Vital Statistics Annual Report 2017 - released 31 October 2019 

 The number of births to teenage mothers has more than halved in 10 years

  • Cancer and circulatory disease were the biggest causes of death in Ireland in 2017
  • Four-fifths of suicide deaths in 2017 were male


News about bereavement and grief

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‘How to live and die well’: what I learned from working in an NHS hospice - Guardian 18th January 2020

The Funeral Director: An exquisite, profound portrait of a profession - Irish Times 12th December 2019 

Comic supports young people in dealing with bereavement - University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 10th December 2019

Coping with grief at Christmas: here’s why you need to abandon traditions - Daily Telegraph 5th December 2019 

Born sleeping: how I grieved for the much-loved daughter I lost before her birth - The Guardian,  October 28th 

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 We need to talk about grief at work - The Irish Times,  October  22nd 
Raising a Twinless Twin - The New York Times,  October 18h 

Recent Research

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