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Covid-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence

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Residential Services

Interim Clinical Guidance

| Interim guidance VTE prevention in people with COVID-19 in community or residential settings (CD19-176 / 25.05.20)
| Interim Guidance on the use of oxygen in long term residential care settings for older people during the COVID-19 pandemic (CD19-076 / 10.04.20)
| Preliminary Clinical and Infection Control Guidance for COVID-19 in nurse- led Residential Care Facilities (RCF) (CD19-001 / 17.03.20)
| HSE Nutrition Supports Pack for Residential Care Settings for Older People during COVID-19 (CD19-172 / 18.05.20) (Download PDF)
| Practical Advice for Healthcare Professionals Working in Residential Care Settings for Older People (CD19-058 / 02.04.2020) (Download PDF / Download PPT)
| COVID-19 Related Hygiene and the Person Living with Dementia (CD19-139 001 / 06.05.20) (Download PDF)
| Dementia and COVID-19 Testing Algorithm (CD19-140 001 / 06.05.20) (Download PDF) 
| Clinical Consultation Required (CD19-079 / 16.04.20)  (Download PDF)
| Urinary-Superpubic Catheter (CD19-080 / 16.04.20)  (Download PDF) 
| Medicine Management (CD19-081 / 14.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Procurement of Prescriptions or medication orders in emergency situations (CD19-082 / 14.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Suspected Delirium (CD19-083 / 16.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Contingency Plan for Residential Faculties (CD19-084 / 16.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Management of Death in nurse-led Residential Care Facilities (CD19-085 / 16.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Pain Management (CD19-086 / 14.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Suspected Covid or Covid Positive Resident (CD19-087 / 16.04.20) (Download PDF)
| UTI Urosepsis (CD19-088 / 16.04.20) (Download PDF)
| Advice for Residential Care facilities from HPSC (HPSC link)

Summaries of Evidence 

| Residential Services: Summaries of Evidence

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