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Covid-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence

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Interim Clinical Guidance

Management of Ongoing Medication: Interim Clinical Guidance
| HSE COVID-19: Interim Clinical Guidance – Anti-Inflammatory Medicines for Treatment of COVID-19 symptoms (CD19-094 V.2/08.04.20) (Download PDF)
| HSE COVID-19: Interim Clinical Guidance – Antihypertensive (High Blood Pressure) Medicines (CD19-093 V.1/18_03_2020) (Download PDF)
| HSE COVID-19: Interim Clinical Guidance: Immunosuppressant Therapy (CD19-104 002 / 25.05.20) (Download PDF)
| COVID-19 Interim Clinical Guidance - VTE protocol and patient information for acute hospitals (CD-120 / 21.04.20) (Link to Emergency Department/Wards)
| Anticipatory Prescribing in the Last Hours or Days of Life (CD19-008 001 / 06.04.20) (Link to Palliative care)
| COVID 19 Interim Clinical Guidance for Medicines Management for Isolation Units for People Who Use Drugs (CD19-155 / 28.04.20) (Download PDF)

Clinical management of COVID-19 in acute setting
| Interim Guidance for the Use of Antiviral Therapy in the Clinical Management of Acute Respiratory Infection with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) (CD19-035 003 / 23.06.20) (Download PDF)
| Interim Guidance for the use of Tocilizumab in the management of patients with severe Covid-19 with Suspected Hyperinflammation (CD19-062 001 / 06.05.20) (Download PDF)

| Pharmacy Guidance (HPSC link)
| COVID-19 Medication Safety Poster and Screensaver (Download PDF)

Summaries of Evidence 

| Medication: Rapid Evidence Reviews and Summaries of Evidence

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